What is Education?

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What is Education? The dictionary defines to ?teach? as ?to give knowledge to or develop the abilities of someone by teaching.? If this is so, then why is education, and the teachers we need to ?teach? so hard to find? Why are students struggling to find meaning and purpose in their lives? Isn?t that something that ?education? is suppose to provide a way to discovering? Teachers are underpaid and the costs of schools are too much. Education is a way of life not a gift from it. We are so caught up in getting our children to get the grades they need to get into a good four year college, so they?ll get well paying jobs, that we lose focus of what they?re actually ?learning? and what it is they actually should be ?learning.? Education is defined as ?the process by which people acquire knowledge, skills, habits, values, or attitudes.?

We have lost sight of the true process and become to trapped in this new synthetic one. Unless we change what it is we have become we will lose the true simple goal of education, to be educated. There is a belief held by many which encompasses the idea that self-knowledge is the foundation and basis of true knowledge. Why is it then, that our schools are teaching children to run away from this? Children are sent to school for 5 days a week 9 months out of every year for up to 12 years. They average to spend 6 hours a day in school not even mentioning the time they spend out of school with homework. This time takes them away from developing a sense of identity, a sense of one?s true self. It provides us however with a clear path to becoming mindless robots. Is that the...