Education in America as Seen in "Now and Then"

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Within the textbook " Now and Then", author Eudora Welty and Malcolm X both discuss their views and opinions on Education in America. From their writings, it is obvious that their views are radically different due to their different perspectives of Education, they both create a different tone, style, towards their intended audience. Each author also developed and used a different array of techniques to influence their readers. Reading two very un-similar writings from two very un-similar authors, will likely attract different readers from all over the spectrum. These two authors have un-similar ways to make their argument and present their subject. Because of this, it cause's questions to be asked such as, how these things( style, techniques) function in their writings and the effectiveness they have in presenting their arguments, and the affect that they have on readers.

In Eudora Welty's Essay, "Clamorous To Learn" , she openly retells a fictionous story of events during her childhood years in school.

Welty's main writing technique that creates the bridge for readers to relate to her experience was her great use of descriptions. Welty's descriptions are so well written, that it creates a impression that these events that she is discussing, seem like they have just occurred the day before. Not only does Welty's descriptions assist her in retelling her experience but it also helps Welty present her subject. Another technique that Welty uses great is her selection of point of view. As well as using techniques to increase the impact of her essay, Welty also decides to a humorous and at some times a serious tone throughout her essay. For example, she playfully retells her past experience's of her grade school teacher, Miss Duling. Using a 1st person point of view also helps Welty in making her essay more...