Educational Budget cuts in iowa (negative)

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Iowa Educational Budget Cuts

Iowa is one of the highest- ranking states in education; as of last year it was number three in the nation. If the budget cuts continue there is a very high possibility that this status will drop. The budget cuts are creating devastating effects on Iowa schools. School budgets cannot afford to be cut anymore without sacrificing the quality of education.

Of course, the money that once went to education can go to "more important" things such as roads, welfare, social security, etc. America has proven that it doesn't care as much about education as other developed countries. If fact, in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study students from 21 developed nations were tested and not only did U.S. seniors score below average, they ranked close to last. For the "greatest nation" in the world, do these scores sound right? The youth of today are the future, and deserve the funding for a good education.

Education should be the number one priority of the United States.

Last year, eight of Iowa's largest school districts had a combined loss of $20.1 million. Although school districts have the option of seeking loans, borrowing is very costly and options for borrowing are limited. These budget cuts drop the districts' credit rating therefore raising the interest rates on future loans. The losses have devastating effects on Iowa schools. Some schools have had to reduce required programs (such as Talented and Gifted and Physical Education) to the bare essentials, not to mention eliminate the courses that are not required. Summer schools would either be eliminated or fees would e charged. What about those children who need that extra school time; what if they don't have the means to pay those fees if the summer school is even available?...