Educational Inequalities

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There are many factors that lead to the unequal access to preparation for college. In a high-tech American society, it is assumed that all children have access to quality technological education. It is also assumed that all pre-college students have the means to obtain quality non-technological resources. These assumptions are perpetuated because of those whom have reasonably easy access to these means and take them for granted. One of the reasons why there is inequality of preparation for college is the iniquity of the American school system.

The American high school system suffers from a severe case of iniquity. There are many high schools through out the United States of America that receive the necessary resources they need to well prepare their pupils for the next didactic level, college. However, there are an overwhelming amount of high schools in America that are not properly equipped to train their students to for elementary school let alone college.

In ill-equipped schools, problems range from lack of creditable books to unprofessional teachers. The students that are enrolled in these poorly maintained didactic establishments are face with not being properly challenged academically. These pupils also run in to difficulties with understanding technology and information structure, which their better-prepared counterparts have already mastered.

There are various schools in the American system that are set up to win. These schools have not only access to technology, up to date books, and many other quality tangible resources, but also parental input and professional task focus school staff. Students have a sense that education is a vital tool and they obtain this since through community. The community consists of parent, teachers, faculty, and peers.

Though there are a lot of factor for unequal preparation for college, the main reasons can be attributed to educational institutions and a...