Effective Communication Case Study Analysis

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Effective Communication Case Study AnalysisAll organizations at some point most communicate to its external publics, but effective communication often is truly the best way to have an effective impact on the public. Communication is a process and method that allows us to exchange information, share ideas, and receive feedback and a process of interaction between a company and public. Most companies must interact with the public to increase awareness of a situation. More companies communicate with the public more than other companies. In this paper, I will discuss an organization that regularly communicates with its external publics and examine the effectiveness of its communications process and the impact of effective communication to its external publics.

An organization that constantly has to deal with the public is a police department. The job of the police is to protect the life and property along with provide a feeling of safety and security within the community.

Therefore, the police department, state, or city must constantly deal with external publics on a 24-hour basis. A police officer's job is to interact and communicate to the public through creative problem solving using impartial enforcement of the law. The police department enforces the laws and helps to decrease crime, which is a very demanding occupation. Including these duties are maintaining order in society, controlling traffic, and dealing with emergencies and disasters. Police officers are in contact with the public constantly, so it is only natural when things go wrong they most communicate with the public.

A police officer must be able to deal with various personalities, behaviors, demeanors, personas and characteristics in an effective manner on a daily basis. Clear and concise communication is an important skill to have as well. Police department heads must not only communicate over the phone, they must deal with the...