The Effects of the Civil War on Abraham Lincoln's Writings

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The Civil War had a strong effect on Abraham Lincoln's Writings because most of his writings have to do with the Civil War which was caused by the issue of slavery. Lincoln's writings were written during the Civil War. Lincoln believed that slavery was wrong and fought against the idea of slavery. Lincoln realized that his battle against slavery would not be an easy one. He knew that he could not change the southerner's minds over night.

During 1862, Lincoln struggled with the problem of freeing the slaves. He realized that the slavery issue must be settled if the United States, founded on the principles of liberty and equal rights for all, were to survive as a nation. He understood that the Union must be preserved as a free nation if democratic government was to succeed in the world. Lincoln decided to issue a proclamation freeing the slaves. He did not ask the advice of his cabin, but he did tell his cabinet what he intended to do.

Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation during this time.

The Emancipation Proclamation was Lincoln's first step against slavery. It was written on September 22,1862. It carries one of the most important messages in the history of the world. It freed all slaves of masters rebelling against the Union. It was signed on January 1, 1863.

The Proclamation of Emancipation warned that if states, or parts of states, then in rebellion did not return to the Union by January 1,1863, another proclamation would be issued declaring the slaves in such regions to be "forever free."(Miers Earl Schenck. Abraham Lincoln in Peace in War 120). To free the slaves would become a goal of the Union Army. As Union armies conquered rebel territory, they would finally annihilate slavery.

As January 1 ,1863 ended the people...