The Effects of Neo-Colonialism

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The Effects of Neo-Colonialism as presented in Motorcycle Diaries and A Small Place Neo-Colonialism is a very powerful and controversial issue in the world today. Countries such as the United States, Great Brittan and France still greatly profit over the countries they left as independent years ago. This paradox is created by the mother country exerting economic and political influence on the former colonies; allowing them to still profit from these third world countries without actually occupying them. Neo-Colonialism produces a number of effects on the subject country, the majority of these effects being negative. The novel A Small Place and the film Motorcycle Diaries discuss the numerous effects of neo-colonialism to a great extent the predominant of these effects being economic, political and cultural.

Motorcycle Diaries is a story of a young man, who along with his friend Alberto decides to take a trip around South America. This trip ultimately brings about a coming of age and opens each of the characters eyes to the harsh reality of life in South America.

The first effects of neo-colonialism, introduced in the film Motorcycle Diaries are economical. Ernesto (the main character) meets a young couple, who have just been kicked off their farm in order for ?progress?. When Ernesto meets this unfortunate couple the scene is shot in the dead of the night and the bitter cold is evident. This scene evokes a feeling of sympathy for the cold, tired couple. The display of the deathly cold represents the harsh, heartless nature of the government.

Won 2 This cold in turn forces Ernesto and the couple to huddle close together. This symbolizes the South Americans need to unite and help each other against the corrupt government. This is a reoccurring theme through most of the movie; Ernesto again meets natives being...