Emotional Eating and the College Student

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“Emotional Eating and the College Student” pinpointed all the problems spots that college students go through during their four years as a student, and how easy it is to go through a dramatic weight gain, during your college experience. In this presentation, the speaker discusses some of the common mistakes that people, especially college students, which can lead to overeating. The speaker also lends some advice on how to avoid these situations in the future. She also goes over that if you are an “emotional eater”, that there are other ways to cope with your emotions, that doesn’t include food. The last topic she covered was that if you are going through an emotional/ stressful time in your life and you choose to eat as a way of coping with your stress that you should be more selective of the foods you consume, to help avoid weight gain.

The presentation was held in the HUB Ohio Room. There was a surprising large turnout for a six o’ clock series and the temperature of the room was very comfortable. The seating was a little bit uncomfortable, but after sitting in the same chair for an hour and a half, any seat would seem uncomfortable. The lighting wasn’t as bright as you would expect but you didn’t have to strain your eyes.

The speaker did use power point during her speech, but only mentioned the main points listed on the screen. She didn’t use the power point as a guide in anyway, except to go in order with her speech. She had a microphone on her shirt, but she wasn’t difficult to hear. The visual aide was helpful if you were taking notes, in case you accidentally missed something that she said.

The speaker was dressed in business casual attire,