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Currently, people seem to have many things to care about. Children care about which computer games they are going to play, what they will watch on TV, or what grades they are going to get in school. College students care about how they will have time for school and enough time for a social life, which style of jeans they are going to wear, and whom they are going to date. "White-collar" people care about whether the stock market is going to crash on another black Monday, when their next promotion is going to happen, and where their summer holidays are going to be. Many, many people focus on the big things, including their careers, their money, and their hobbies. It seems that little time is left to care about others who may be feeling down. How many people stop focusing on their own lives, for just a few hours, to help the disabled, the poor, the hungry and the homeless? How many people give their time or even a thought to the elderly that have been sent to nursing homes and forgotten? Very few people can say that they give their time and effort freely to others who need it.

This is a fact that is not surprising. People today quite often seem to focus only on developing their own minds, chasing down success or keeping up with the Joneses. In today?s age, it seems that people have neglected to develop empathy. Empathy is defined as the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to others? feelings, thoughts and experiences. This is very important not only to ourselves, but also to our society as a whole.

The big difference between the word "empathy" and its synonym, "awareness," is that sympathy is incorporated into the meaning of the word...