Employee (web usage) monitoring

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A.What are the law & business or ethics & business issue?

I am writing about the debate of whether employers should be permitted to monitor their employee's computer usage. The topic arises the following issues:

1.The legal issue is: How far can employer go in employee monitoring?

2.The ethical is: Is monitoring an invasion of employees right to privacy?

3.The security issue is: Possibility of an outside viral infection.

4.The motivational issue is: Do monitored employees feel over watched within the workplace?

B.Why did you select this issue and why is it significant?

The reason why I chose this topic is because there is a fine line between abuse on the side of the employee and the employer. Without a proper stability and clear policy one side may abuse the notion of the law and or company policy. It is significant for everyone to abide by the law.

C.What steps did you follow to research this issue on the Internet and which web sites did you visit?

My research began with the following search engines, which was Lawreview.com, Yahoo.com and Findlaw.com. The search engines above led me to the following sites, which were Fairmeasure.com, ePolicyinstitue.com, Privacyrights.com, privacyfoundation.org, Internet eraser and surfsecret.com. These search engines were pretty helpful but he most beneficial was the Yahoo.com. The data and research that I have provided was from this search engine. These sites present constructive facts that is straightforward about the information relating to the issue of "software for the employer to monitor employers and software for the employee to hide from the monitor".

D.Which was the most helpful website and why?

Nearly all of my findings support the employer surveillance on employees' computer usage (i.e. Internet, email. Etc "The US Electronic Communications Privacy Act offers employers the right to...