Endangered Species

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When you are strolling in the shopping mall, deciding to buy the crocodile bag of the blue colour or the one of brown colour, or when you are using your expensive fragrance, spraying it on your neck. Have you ever noticed that you are trying to kill those lovely animals which are living on the line? It is no kidding. There are approximately 30 percent of the vertebrates as well as 20 percent of the plants are threatened. What more scary is 20 percent of the world's species would be gone in the next 30 years if the pollution rate keeps on like this. By that time, there would be no more tigers, leopards, elephants or bears lounging on the grassland. What left are those skyscrapers touching the cloud.

Unaware, we are seeping into the animals' world. With an unstoppable growing population, humans are exploring and exploiting the largest piece of land and amount of resources than ever.

Take polar bears as example, which are a kind of endangered species. There are about 22,000 polar bears left on the land and about half of them are living in the Canada. However, they are all in peril.

Imagine there is exploitation of oil near your home, the oil and oil products leaked from the industries will cause serious health problems to you and your family. Everyday, you are eating contaminated food, intaking a huge dose of heavy metals, radioactivity and different kinds of pesticides, undertaking the damages to your immune system, hormonal disruption and a possibility of having various kind of cancers. Your children may be born with a deformation and not able to earn a living for the rest of their lives. Moreover, your garden is decreasing in size since the need of timber and wood. In every second, you...