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Human during their evolutionary course and in order to understand the world around them, attended to explain the universe. Two of the biggest mysteries though, about man have always been and remain to be time and space. In order to analyze the "phenomenon" of space and time the effort to give some kind of definitions about those two terms composes a necessity. Describing time, it can be absolute, real and imaginary or global. By the term absolute, time is meant that for each event there is a number called time, and that those numbers have a logic continuance, from that part to the future. Referring now to the real and the imaginary time in the real time case, time, independently from spatial directions, follows and corresponds always an increasing course. In contrast, the imaginary time can increase and decrease adapting a spatial dimension's behavior. Concerning space now a satisfying try to define the term would be to support that space includes everything besides time and matter (even though we all know for sure that it exists).

Space and time combined to each other form the known space-time.

Space-time as a term and phenomenon has occupied a serious number of cosmologists. The first report about space-time came with special relativity in 1905. according to the upon theory, space-time is composed by four dimensions, three dimensions of time and one dimension of time. Furthermore in special relativity space-time is "flat" meaning that time as each observes counts it , increases normally in space-time from infinity-past to infinity-future.

The perception about space-time transformed tremendously with a general theory of relativity. Space-time as described by Einstein's particular theory doesn't appear to be flat but distorted. This distortion is owed to the presence of mass and energy in space-time and consequently to gravitational force.