Evaluation of President George W. Bush's Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind.

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Over the last six years, President Bush has been forced to deal with numerous issues that have directly affected all Americans. He entered office with the country entering a recession, and eight short months later, our country suffered the most brutal terrorist attack in its history. While focusing on the situation in Iraq, he has failed to protect our country from the millions of illegal aliens that have illegally crossed our borders, failed to protect American jobs from outsourcing, has failed to lower the steadily increasing deficit and has had an administration plagued by scandals still unanswered. Hurricane Katrina is another major issue that Bush has failed to address and deal with. In the duration of his presidency, Bush has implemented a number of programs dealing with issues of foreign policy, economy, military, environment, civil rights, education, defense, health care, etc. Two of his most famous programs (or infamous depending on how you view them) are the Patriot Act and No Child Left Behind.

The Patriot Act expands the authority of the United States law enforcement agencies to better fight terrorism. It increases the ability of law enforcement agencies to search telephone and email communications and medical, financial and other records. It also provides for eased restrictions of foreign intelligence gathering, expands the Secretary of the Treasury’s authority to regulate financial transactions, and enhance the discretion of law enforcement and immigration authorities in detaining and deporting immigrants suspected of terrorism-related acts. The act also expands a number of other things. It has been widely criticized for its lack of protection of civil liberties; it’s “sneak and peek” searches through which law enforcement officers search a home or business without the owner’s or the occupant’s permission or knowledge, the expanded use of “National Security Letters”, which allows the FBI to search...