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Evita Peron was born in Los Toldos, Argentina on November 21, 1919. Her mother was Juana Duarte, Her father had a fifteen year long affair with Juana, although he was already married. The couple was stable, though, and Eva and her four siblings, Blanca, Elisa, Juan and Erminda were all legally acknowledged by their father. How ever at his funeral, his wife did not allow them to see the body and pay their due respects.

Eva’s family lived in very poor economic circumstances and in order to survive, her mother and sisters hired themselves out as cooks to wealthy families. Eva attended school in the town of Junin, where she and her family ended up settling down. Eva had difficult childhood years, she wasn’t a very good student, getting average grades, and remembered by most of her classmates as being weird looking. Knowing that she didn’t have much of an academic future, Eva became interested in acting.

When she got a small part in the school play, Eva made up her mind that she would one day become a famous actress.

When Eva was fifteen years old she met a tango singer named Agustin Magaldi who came to Junin to perform, then she left with him for Buenos Aires (Big Apple!). She realized her dream of becoming an actress was slowly but surely coming true. Life was very difficult for a fifteen year old girl in a big city, and she had to take on lovers who would support her. Eva finally got her first job as a model for a magazine, she was very thin, but beautiful and she achieved some success posing for ads. Eva got her first big break as an actress in a part in the play, La Seńora de Perez, in 1935. Eva used one...