Evolution of an Organized Crime Group

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The Capone Family of Chicago Many things written about Al Capone were merely fictitious; like that he was born in Italy, when actually he was the first Capone to be born in the United States. When Gabriele Capone came to the United States, he owed no one and was able to read and write in his homeland language. This helped him to get a job and work until he could save enough money to open his own barber shop. He brought with him his 27 year old wife, Teresa and their two sons, Vincenzo Capone and Rafaele Capone. Later another son, Salvatore Capone was born in 1895; finally the fourth son born in 1899 was Alphonse Capone. Later in 1906 when Gabreile became an American Citizen, all of the family took American names. Vincenzo became James, Rafaele became Ralph, and Alphonse became Al. Later children were John, Albert John, Matthew Nicholas, and Rose.

With this large loving family, what made Alphonse become a major figure in Organized Crime? Was he a child who was abused by adults? Was some genetic strain of violence passed on to the child before he was born? No he was not; the Capone family was a quiet conventional family. Al Capone did very well in school until the sixth grade when he lost his temper and hit the teacher and she hit him back, resulting in Al being expelled from school. Al was never going to go back to school again.

At this time his father moved his family to Garfield Place where Al was to meet two of the people who would have a huge impact on his life, his future wife, Mae and the gangster Johnny Torrio. Johnny Torrio was a pioneer in the development of the modern Criminal Enterprise. He transformed...