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I understan that insurance companies need a daignosis to appropriate funds for treatment, but this labeling causes misdiagnosises in numerus cases. But in my opinion this label can be even more destructive then the disease they are battling. In today's socety people are constantly being labeled according to race, religion, sexual orientation, and so on. I believe that some people are mentally ill, but the vast majority of them are people who seek attention. In my opinion I believe that if one is told they have a disorder in one's mind a disorder will be created. When we are labeling people are we just not giving them more fuel for their fire? I understand that insurance companies need proper justification for allow money to be spent, but isn't the company just costing itself more money in the future? Everyone at some point and time could benefit from counseling, without the risk of being labeled mentally ill, or in need of any diagnosis at all.

I believe that by alloting a amount of money to maintain proper mental health every year, those whom could benefit might take the risk. People throughout time have suffered with mental issues and with the advancement of modern medicine, we could have a stable society with proper counseling. What is the possible benefit of justification for insurance purposes with the effect so detramental to the person involved. The insurance companies should consider the money spend on mental health issues evey year to be well worth it. We do not need any more school shootings or violent rampages when good mental health is an issue.