Fair and Balanced Cultures in Media

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The first time I had a look at Fox News was the 9/11 attacks. The terrible events of this day was very much featured in all the world media, and I was following the coverage from Fox and learning the subject he approached. It was very interesting to see how Fox reported the news in an undetectable way misleading his audiences to the supposed ideology. From then I started questing this"liberal media" which America network advocated the most. After I watched the film "Outfoxed", I finally got all my assumptions approved by the excellent job has been done by Outfoxed.

If you believe that Fox News Channel is actually fair and balanced, then you probably also believe the moon is made of cheese, the war in Iraq actually was crucial to the war on terrorism and that "a compassionate conservative" runs the nation.

Liberal filmmaker Robert Greenwald's "Outfoxed" provides a fascinating insight into the Fox News Channel, which, those who watch it regularly with an open mind realize, really is an extension of the propagandist arm of the Republican Party.

FNC seems to believe that advocating and promoting rabid nationalism is the news media's responsibility and supporting the points of the Republican Party is patriotic. There's FNC host Bill O'Reilly damning as un-American anyone who disagrees with the war after it began because, apparently, one cannot voice opposition to the war and support our troops at the same time. And there's FNC cutting off dissenting opinions, and showing the pictures of terrorists caused the horrified atmosphere in society that helped the Republican won the election. Thing is, fans of Fox News voted so blindly. They care less about the truth. They want "their side" to win, and to them Fox News is the only...