The Fall of Rome

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The main reason for the fall of Rome has been debated back and forth for a long period of time. This is because people continue to be interested in the well known era. The common grounds have been thought to be financial problems, Germanic Invasions, Military Decline, Christianity and the Division of the Empire. Undoubtedly, they all play somewhat of a part. In this essay I will not argue each point, but simply describe some of the causes.

Financial problems came about when there was a decline in population, which was caused by two plagues and the lack of technological advances. As Rome's financial demands were increasing, the number of people to produce was dropping. Also, the use of slavery most likely slowed down the technological progress, because people were content. The aristocrats also separated themselves, rather than thinking about Rome's best interest.

It is thought that Rome may have continued to be powerful if their boundaries were better sheltered.

There was a large amount of slaughtering of their citizens in the less inhabited western area. In response they decided to build up their army, they made the people pay high taxes. This put them in the position of being broke with few occupants.

The Military was once considered a noble and well respected position. However, the young did not want the responsibility and the poor welcomed the Germans as liberators. The Roman way of thinking was lost. The top officers sought prestige and military accepted many barbarians who did not have Rome's best interest at will.

Some have thought that Christians worked against what was best for the country… pledging to God versus Rome. They felt that it was wrong of the poor to view themselves as equals and were ruining the social order.

The division of the empire...