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Fashion has become a necessity across the world. Everyone no matter what class or nationality; craves the acceptance in some way or form, into fashion society. Fashion lifestyle is not a high class unaffordable trend. It actually ranges from all walks of life and fits into everyone?s budget. Religion, nationality and location play a major impact on people?s fashion influences.

International fashion aspects are actually the most popular. Various fashion weeks portraying several designers from different countries newest designs are held in over 5 countries such as: Europe, Russia, North America, South America, etc. ?A Fashion Week is a trade event that lasts for around one week where members of the Press and Buyers can view fashion design collections for following seasons. They usually take place twice a year: once for Spring?Summer and once for Autumn?Winter.? (Fashion weeks) Even those countries who are not blessed with the cultural diffusion of fashion week experience daily fashion encounters.

In Iran if women do not wear their ?Hijab? they will be arrested. Even in this third world country which is founded on religious practices they have encountered their women wanting to be free of expression. Fashion is a state of mind that allows one male or female to exemplify their inner self and originality. These women who have violated the Iran customs were in no way or form trying to disrespect the principles of their society which they abide by daily. Yet and still anyone in their right mind yearns for freedom of expression to let their true self be revealed. ?Hijab is a necessity for our religion. Those who deny it are our enemy.? (Tisdall) In these instances the small detail of letting their hair down is against the law because it is not of their custom.

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