Fault Tolerance and Power System

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Fault Tolerance and Power System

Deborah Tucker

CIS Risk Management/CMGT 579

University of Phoenix

Krystal Hall

December 4, 2007

Fault Tolerance and Power System

Our culture relying on electronic information processing has produced an increasing desire for diligent operating systems. This degree of functioning in financial organizations, healthcare providers, transportation providers, and phone systems, has been connected by constraints from roughly all sections of the corporate world (O'Boyle, 2005). LAN's, process controls, business-driven transaction documentation, and other systems have the likelihood of suffering considerable damage if system operation is interrupted.

Power system users may state or use configurations further than is required which escalates system price and complications. This can be a result of not having a comprehensive understanding of power system configurations, which would offer fault tolerance (Nesgaard, 2005). Fault tolerance prevents host system down time due to a power system failure. The price of down time is excessive and multifaceted to measure.

The solution for many applications that require reliable process is planning fault tolerance in many of the sections of the system as feasible. The requirement to reduce this possible breakdown approach has ended with the results of an improvement of fault-tolerant power systems (Nesgaard, 2005).

Designed in a diversity of configurations fault-tolerant power systems have many of the same shared traits such as (O'Boyle, 2005):

Redundancy -- Adequate ability to maintain power bus function in case any single-point power system fault;

Fault isolation and detection -- Capability to separate and limit a breakdown to a sole replaceable component;

On line replacement, or "hot-swap" -- Plan that allows removal of the broken down component and addition or replacement of the component while not disturbing the power bus.

Power supply designers have given much attention recently to redundancy concerns. Straightforward execution of...