The Feelings of William Carlos Williams

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The Feelings of William Carlos Williams

William Carlos Williams was a member of the Lost Generation. The people of this generation began expressing the same feelings during and after WW1. They would express their feelings through written pieces, or art. Williams expressed his

feelings and concerns through poetry. He has written plenty of poems that view many different areas of the war. I collected two of those poems and I have interpreted them to my greatest ability. However, I believe interpretation comes from someone's own opinion.

The first poem I collected is called, A Cold Front. I believe there are four different people consisted in one woman, which the author creates. When the author describes how her face looks, tired and dead, this could be how William expresses what abortion does to a baby. William also tells you how this woman is begging for birth control pills, like many women did, when the pills came out.

Many women did not know that there were people willing to take care of children that their parents could not. The woman represents an adoptive parent because the author tells you that she already has seven foster children. Near the end of the poem, a dead baby is represented by the woman's youngest, with a blanket over its body. America sees, at the end of the poem that the main action needed to be taken is responsibility.

The second poem I collected is called, The Mirrors. In the beginning of this poem, the author describes to you what life is like in Germany. Williams asks if this one area of the world could describe the entire world. He refers to another poet, Ezra Pound. Pound also wrote poetry about how the economic systems promoted or debased culture. Williams believes that the world is...