Feminist and Women as Viewed by Kant

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Between the dates of 1880-1920 female feminist were at their peak, and focused mainly on changes within in women's gender roles within the family. For the first time ever women were being secured with property rights within marriage giving them a choice of wanting a divorce. The divorce rate increased to over 600 percent, showing that women were finally given power to what went on within the marriage.

Women were also pushing for increased access towards higher education, employment, abortion, and control of male sexuality. This would lead to one of the main goals of women feminists', freeing women from a life devoted to childbearing and child-rearing. One of Calhoun's main arguments claimed that because of the turn of the century gender ideology tied gender tightly to biology, the violation of gender norms was interpreted as having significant biological repercussions. Calhoun's arguments did not necessarily agree with the idea of gender-inappropriate behavior resulting in sterility or inability to produce healthy offspring.

4.) I do not agree with Kant's argument of matrimony being the only condition of one's sexuality. I think times have changed significantly in the last few decades when it comes to this subject. I think experimenting instead of being "cooped" up until your married is preferred by people in general. Certain religions believe that matrimony should be the only way sexuality can be expressed. I can understand if you're brought up this way why you would believe in it. In my opinion this would want to make someone experiment sexually more, knowing that they are not supposed to until they are married. I think if the other person has the same beliefs that you do, then everything will be ok if you're experimenting sexually outside of matrimony.