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Hi. My name is...Well, I don't really have a name. That is, until May 1. See, my mom abandoned me and my two brothers and sisters when we were only three weeks old. What happened was, when my mom left us on the top of a rock wall in Livingston, we were small and did not know much so we laid there cuddled together.

Two nights passed, and we were cold and hungry. Surprisingly, mom did not come back yet.

In the morning it was warm and sunny. Me and my two brothers and sisters woke up and still mom was not back.

We began to walk around and around. We were not really watching where we were going. At once, all five of us began tumbling down the rock wall. "BANG!" We hit the bottom and tried to get up but couldn't.

I noticed that were was something wrong with my leg and I couldn't see too well with my eyes.

As for the others, they died.

And as for me, I was near death.

Three days passed and there was a big storm almost as fierce as a hurricane. There I lay, helplessly hoping I had a chance. It was impossible for me to make it. And yet, I made it.

The very next day, the Petrullo family was walking to the bank. They were walking near the rock wall! They were right next to where I was!

I wondered if they were nice enough and kind enough to help me. "MEOW, MEOW," I cried. Someone bent down to where I lay. They picked me up. I began to worry. I did not know what they were going to do to me.

Someone picked up the phone and began talking.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting...