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Out of all the ethnic groups in the world, the English were the ones who played the most pivotal role in immigrating to the United States. Not only were they the ones who established colonies in which the United States cultivated from, their "offspring formed the largest component of the Republic and the foundations they laid influenced all subsequent newcomers" (Chao, Spencer). The first settlement of the English to the United States arrived in 1607, where they came looking for better opportunities for work. They settled in Jamestown, Virginia. Since there were not many means of medication and health supplies at the time, many of the new settlers died from sickness and famine during the winter of 1609-1610. This did not stop the English from settling in the New World, however. "The survivors were encouraged to stay in Jamestown by the arrival of new settlers and supplies the following June" (Chao, Spencer).

The colony of Jamestown flourished, and soon later became the capital of Virginia, the first capital in the United States of America.

Immigration to New England started to pick up with the resettlement of Pilgrims in 1620, and from 1630-1640, a great amount of Englanders migrated to the United States which marked the period of the Great Migration. They established this settlement on the Massachusetts Bay. "During this time, Massachusetts's population skyrocketed with the migration of approximately 21,000 immigrants to New England, about a third of them being Britons" (Chao, Spencer). However, by 1660, immigration from Britain to the New World was strictly discouraged, causing the rapid migration to quickly decrease.

In the 1700's, Britain started to restrict emigration from England to the United States, and by 1775, an outbreak of violence stopped immigration from Britain completely. From then on, only a few British immigrants made their...