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Foreign Investment Presentation PPT Notes• Consider the following scenario: You work for a company that manufacturers skateboards. Until now your company has only sold their skateboards domestically, but now the CEO is interested in exporting the skateboards to Australia. The CEO asks you to design a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to present at the next board of directors' meeting. This presentation will serve to educate the directors in the matters of foreign investment and international investment theory. At the end of the presentation, you must make a recommendation of whether or not you think the company should enter the foreign market and support your decision with solid information.

• Create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that includes detailed speaker's notes. The presentation must meet all of the requirements set forth in the above scenario.

• Include a reference slide in APA format.

Slide 1:Foreign Investment PresentationINB 205 International BusinessSlide 2:Outline•Slide 3:Matters of Foreign Investment: Australia•Free trade agreement with the U.S.

•Automatic approval thresholds lifted•New businesses exempted from screening•Liberalized overall prospects without screening tests•Remedies available for U.S. owned businesses•Foreign investment proposals approvedNotes:According to Richardson D. (2004)…•"On 8 February 2004 the Minister for Trade, Mark Vaile, announced that Australia had entered a free trade agreement with the US"•Automatic approval thresholds lifted from $50 million to $800 million for takeovers of Australian companies in non-sensitive areas.

•"All U. S. investment in new businesses is exempted from screening under Australia's Foreign Investment Promotion Board."•Australia has liberalized the overall prospects for U.S. foreign investment in relation to new investments and outside sensitive sectors for existing areas up to a limit of $800 million without applying screening tests•"Depending on how the agreement is written investor-state arbitration can imply that there are remedies available for US owned businesses in Australia that are not available to any...