Formalist and Semiotic Analysis

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Arabel Avril S. Carpina Prof. Corpus

2005-03096 Art Studies 2

"Escada, Island Kiss": Formalist and Semiotic Analyses

An advertisement in Cosmo magazine features Escada's new perfume for women. As a commodity intended for women, posing for the ad is a slim, stunning female model dressed in a sexy outfit. Adding to the ad's main features is the enormous bottle of Escada perfume situated at the left side of the model, and the attention grabbing texts, "ESCADA ISLAND KISS" which is the commodity's name which is placed at the bottom of the ad just below the model.

Looking more closely at the advertisement and emphasizing on the form we will need to look at the finer details of the icons. The most prominent icon on the ad is the model. The model is relatively the largest figure in the plane and the elements in the ad are arranged around the model so as to give emphasis to the latter.

The model's hair appears to be blown by air which indicates movement. Her hair is arranged chaotically in all directions giving it a naturalistic effect and dynamism as well. Body ornaments like necklace, bracelets, and rings are extensively used by the model. The clothes are also important in the analysis. In this case the manner of dressing shows a lot of skin and is a typical beach or swimming outfit. All the body accessories, clothes and even her lipstick all have the characteristic of being shiny, glittery. The bra for example is adorned with beads that have the same effect as that of her lustrous necklace and bracelets. The S curve is used usually in ads but in this case it is not that evident since only half of the body is only showed. In this advertisement the diagonal...