The Four Temperaments

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What makes you tick? Have you ever met someone so much like you that you often wondered if you might be secretly related? If so you might not be related by blood but perhaps by temperament! The Webster's Dictionary defines temperament as The manner of thinking, behaving, or reacting characteristic of a specific person. I have always been intrigued in understanding why people do what they do either from pure annoyance or plain curiosity. After hearing about this topic from a family member I began to research it further. Perhaps this information will enlighten you about yourself or someone you know. Maybe your new found knowledge will provide you with compassion and patience in accepting others differences. Every temperament has its strengths and weaknesses there is no temperament that is more superior or inferior than another. The majority of people are a combination of one or more temperaments with one being more dominant in you.

As I describe the four different temperaments most of you will immediately relate to one which is most likely your dominant temperament.

The first temperament Im going to speak about is known as the Choleric temperament. The Choleric person can be described as one who has keen intellect, exhibiting strong will and strong passions. They are known to also dominate others subconsciously. Some of there weaknesses can be arrogance, over self confidence, lack of sympathy. Their strengths are there determination, self sufficiency, self motivation, and leadership qualities. Some very strong leaders were Cholerics such as: Stalin, Hitler, Alexander the Great, Mussolini, and Julius Ceasar.

Have you ever been to a party where one individual seemed to suck up all the energy in the room? Then you may have met the next temperament, the sanguine temperament. They are usually known as the life of the party.