Frank Lloyd Wright

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One of the most prominent and influential architects of his time, Frank Lloyd Wright remains one of the most famous and well known in the business. In the beginning, he was influenced to become an architect, by his mother guiding him towards the subject. By his first year of college he was taking drafting classes at the University of Wisconsin.

His desire to excel using his own fortitude drove him to Chicago, using money from his fathers pawned books. He then received a job for eight dollars an hour as a tracer. He worked here for about a year, until an offer of more money fell his way with a team who was working on the design of the Auditorium Theater in Chicago at the time. One of the leaders, Louis Sullivan, was referred to as Wright's only main influence in his life. Unfortunately, an argument about commissions led Sullivan to fire him.

He then opened his own office, with the help of a few partners, and began his long work period where he would develop his prairie style architecture. After that he went to Berlin, with his neighbor's wife, to work on the Wasmuth Portfolio, a book dedicated to his work. They spent almost two years in Europe before returning to the United States.

This, also, wasn't bound to last for one night, Wright's cook locked all but one door and set the house on fire killing anyone who came out the open door. After the devastation, he only focused on work. It was at this low point in his life that he was offered the job of designing and building the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. It took him six years to complete the task, although he did accept other commissions while in Japan.

During the depression, and having...