Frankenstein : Saint or Sinner?!

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Frankenstein:Saint or Sinner?

Victor Frankenstein wanted to be the creator of a wonderful new living creation. Science was not a aspect to consider, because the young Victor was already a scientist. He was created by the 19 year old Mary Shelley, as a University graduate. He lived in solitude for 6 years, while at University where he stayed in a rented room, this is where he created his magnificent Monster. He was the first and last creator of a human life created by man.

It was expected by some people that Frankenstein was a sinner for many reasons but a few of the main arguments which people have said are that, he created a human life to try and be as great as God, another is that he dug up human bodies, and cut off limbs to created something. Yet after he had made this creature come to life he turned away from it and left it to defend itself in the vicious world, where he was not to be accepted.

Victor Frankenstein, when he first started this project did not think of the consequences, of what would happen when people finally saw this Monster, as he finally gave it a name and they passed evil judgement. The worst crime of all which Frankenstein did, was that he denied the Monster of a life and character by not giving him a name which the Monster thought that Frankenstein deserved a punishment for.

Yet, on the other hand, Frankenstein wanted to create a New Human Life, for the goodness of man kind, which he wanted to love and cherish like one person of his own family. He intended to create a angel, and he was a brilliant man in the field of Science. Finally when the Monster came back...