Free Health Care Services?

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Change is constant and so does the prices of every commodity and service available. The health status of the citizenry of evrey country is a clear indicator of development and stability of a nation. But how can the people avail of every health benefits that the land can offer if the prices rises as fast as one can grasp of, especially the poor citizens. Free health services for everyone is an ideal system but one must consider that free health services for everyone is not possible.

Free health services for evryone, including all sectors both rich and poor, is a vision that every nation aspires for. But how do we define free? Free, is a sense that the government is paying every penny taht its citizenry spent on health care services and products. It is very nice to live in a place where everyone, especially the poor ones, had access to the health care that they need without any biases that they would just receive a second class kind of services and products.

How many poor people now are dying without any medical assistance from their government or any agency. That if their treated in government hospitals, their chances of survival would just be the same or lessen due to the poor quality of health care services that the government can offer.

Ont the other hand, like in many developing countries, giving free health services to evry citizens would just add up to the burden that the country is already facing. If health services is free for everyone then still the few citizens above the poverty line will have their edge of the kind of quality of services they would receive, and still they got it for free.

Therefore, thre must be a new system of health care that would...