Freud: Past, Present and Future

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Sigmund Freud is generally regarded ?as the father of psychotherapy? (Seligman, 2006). Psychotherapy has changed and evolved in many forms from what was first regarded as just ideas to what has now become a stylized approach for many clinicians, therapists, counselors and others that are in the field of mental health. The methods behind the development of Freud?s work spans a vast majority of concepts ranging and not exclusive to dream interpretation, free association, the unconscious, psychotherapy, and hypnotism. Among these theories psychotherapy, free association, and the unconscious will be the main focus while other theories will be mentioned at times. Understanding that these theories were developed over centuries ago, and are still being used today shows just how new and how much more the counseling and mental health field can grow. The scholars, doctors, and psychologists that once long ago strived to research, study, and interpret the psychological field have all paved the way for the impact that these theories hold.

The methods of learning this information and passing it on for other generations to study, research, and apply to their new approaches is why knowing about past historical figures is important today.

Other works that Sigmund Freud researched, studied, and brought about can be compared to his development of psychotherapy. According to Seligman, ?Psychodynamic theorists believe that the roots of current problems lie in the past and that exploration and interpretation of past experiences are essential to alleviating current concerns? (p.34). Learning from past experiences, processing the problems that may have developed from past issues, and understanding how those past feelings have changed the way someone bases their characteristics are all parts of the psychodynamic relationship. Being able to facilitate growth in a client means uncovering past experiences that may be difficult for the client to come to...