Friends University VS. The University of Kansas

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Compare and Contrast My comparison and contrast essay is going to be about the many differences and some similarities between Friends University and The University of Kansas. These Universities take great pride in making their institution very well rounded in education, academics, socialization, culturally, the arts, financially, athletically, humanity, and religiously. They take great strides to make their University a home away from home. The differences between both Universities, either great or small, make them unique in their own way.

Friends University (FU) is a small private school. FU has a small class size even in lecture. This is more beneficial for students because they get more one-on-one attention. The counselors, teachers, and advisors are more accessible. This helps to build a personal relationship between students and faculty. The student is not just another number. FU has unique courses and degree pertaining to the Zoo Science program.

The University of Kansas (KU) is a very large state school.

KU has very large classes. They range from 35-1000 students per class or lecture. This means teachers don't know you as well and are impersonal. KU has a much larger variety in classes and degrees. They specialize in many degrees like law and doctor of medicine.

FU is lacking in socialization and cultural experiences. There are no parties aloud on campus. They need more opportunities for students to get together so they may broaden their horizons. Neither FU or the city of Wichita, KS, provide transportation off campus so we might partake of Arts, cultural events, social events, and the city it self. This University does not provide a vast variety of clubs and organizations like Sororities, Fraternities, and diverse cultural clubs.

KU provides great socialization and cultural experiences. They allow students to through wonderful organized parties. KU and the city...