The Frog and the Kookaburra

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The Frog and the Kookaburra Once upon a time there was a frog and a kookaburra. A long time ago the frog and the kookaburra had put their differences aside and now they were very close friends. Over the seasons the frog would ask the wise kookaburra many questions about the world and how things are.

“Kookaburra, why don’t I have a beak like you?” the frog asked.

“Well because if you had a beak like me, then you wouldn’t be able to have such a long tongue that you catch flies with, dear frog. You wouldn’t be able to hide it in a small beak like mine.” the kookaburra replied.

Day by day, the frog would ask a different question, much like the one above, and the kookaburra would give a smart, wise answer.

On one cold, wet winter’s morning the frog jumped out from its pond.

As always the kookaburra flew down from its nest next to the frog.

“Good morning dear frog.”“Good morning kookaburra. I was wondering if you could do me a favour.”The kookaburra seemed surprised. The only thing the frog had asked in their friendship was questions, never a favour.

“Yes, of course dear frog, anything to help you, my friend” the kookaburra answered, glad that it could be of any help.

“Kookaburra, I want to know how I can grow a tree over my pond. I want it just like yours, with the thick leaves over your head. I want to grow one!” the frog cried excitedly.

Kookaburra thought to himself, “Hmmm. Why would frog want a tree over its pond? The frogs never asked anything like this before.”Not wanting to appear awkward or to disappoint the frog it said, “First you would need a seed. You would have to plant it right beside your pond. Then you must water the seed every day. One day the seed will burst through the soil and become a tree with leaves as thick as mine.”“Oh, kookaburra, how on earth am I going to find a seed?” the frog whined.

“I’m sorry dear frog, but that is a question I cannot answer.” the kookaburra replied.

“Awwww, forget it kookaburra. It’s no use! I will never be able to grow a tree like yours over my pond!” the frog cried and it sulked back into its pond with a big SPLASH! The kookaburra hadn’t even got the chance to say a word.

A few days past and the frog and kookaburra had forgotten about that day’s funny events.

The next rainy day the frog asked from another favour.

“Kookaburra, I was wondering if you could do me a favour.”Kookaburra remembered the last time frog asked for a favour. The conversation had ended up with the frog sulking in the pond. The kookaburra didn’t want this to happen again so it decided not to bring that days events up.

“Yes, of course dear frog, anything to help you, my friend.” the kookaburra answered confidently.

“What is it that you want?”“Kookaburra, I want to know how to have your feathers. I want it just like your feathers, protecting your whole body. I want some!”Again kookaburra was quite shocked. “Why would the frog want feathers? The frog only ever asks questions. Something’s wrong, frog doesn’t seem himself.”Not wanting to show disrespect, the kookaburra answered “First you would need to be a bird. Birds like galahs and kookaburras have feathers.”“Oh kookaburra, how on earth can I become a bird?” the frog whined.

“I’m sorry dear frog, but that is a question that I cannot answer.” the kookaburra replied.

“Awwww, it’s no use! Never mind kookaburra!” and with that, the frog sulked back into it’s pond with a big SPLASH! The kookaburra didn’t even have a chance to ask the frog what was wrong. The kookaburra made a point to remember to ask the frog what is going on the next time it asks for a favour so he doesn’t get disappointed again.

Not long after the frog asked kookaburra the odd question.

“Kookaburra, I was wondering if you could do me a favour.” the frog shouted through the heavy splattering of the rain.

This time kookaburra was ready. It was going to find the reason behind the frog’s strange behaviour. It picked its words very carefully.

“Dear frog, I cannot hold it in any longer. We have been such good friends for so long and you have never asked such strange favours before. I am afraid that you will ask for a favour which I cannot help you with and you will end up sad again. Please frog, tell me what is the reason behind your strange requests and then maybe I can help you.”“Well, kookaburra whenever it rains I see you dry. You have your nest under that thick tree branch. You have your thick water-proof feathers. You never get wet! Whenever it rains I have no shelter and I can’t jump out of the pond without getting wet! I have to jump back in quickly!” the frog complained.

The look on kookaburra’s face changed completely.

“Oh silly, silly frog! Why do you spend so much time worrying about getting shelter from the rain? You live in a pond where it is wet all the time. You don’t need to worry about getting wet!”It took the frog the whole of 30 seconds to realise its silly mistake.

“Oh silly me! The pond is full of water! I don’t have to be worried about getting wet because I am wet all the time!” the frog laughed.

The kookaburra had a good long laugh with frog about its silly mistake. The kookaburra told all the kookaburras it knew and soon all the kookaburras shared this common joke.

If you ever wondered why a kookaburra laughs before it rains, you now know that it is because the kookaburra’s get reminded of the frog joke.