The Fulfillment of Playing Music : The Keyboard

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The art of reproducing music through an instrument brings the most unfathomable feelings of spiritual completion to me. Without my dearest friend, my portable Yamaha DGX 500, life would constitute a journey through a desert. Playing the keyboard is my passion, the one and only activity that my heart craves to engage in during leisure time and even when doing necessary tasks.

Playing the keyboard is a major part of my life. It constitutes a core foundation of my character. It is favorite pastime, and, as an adhesive keeps substances attached, playing the keyboard keeps me together and keeps me alive. Engaging in this pastime serves as a medium of communication between me and the world, a means of ministering unto myself, relieving stress and also as a means of ministering unto others.

I speak to the world through the notes produced on my keyboard. I am suddenly transformed into a polyglot as my music is on a global sphere.

It ripples at great speed across languages, ideologies, frontiers and races like an unrestricted domain with an infinite range of reach. At the keyboard, I enter into a new realm, one of telepathic communication. My fingers become extensions of my brain and I become alert as a lion about to bounce upon prey. If there is hurt, pain, fear, ambivalence, anger, desperation or ecstasy, it never fails to appear in the output of music. It is the unique reproduction of who I am and of what I seek to tell everyone. I express my identity through this manner and the world responds. Through family, friends and isolated comments on my playing the world recognizes me as the individual that I am; "keyboard man".

Music in itself is a form of therapy. It washes away from the soul the accumulating dust of everyday life. When I play the keyboard, I relieve stress and heal from the blows that life throws from time to time. For example; when I become stuck at a school assignment, I pause to play the keyboard and I then become excited as an Aztec high priest on narcotics. At the keyboard I exist in a world of euphoria, I take pleasure in pounding the keys, feeling their response beneath my finger tips, hearing the sound swirl around the room and drowning me in the winds of relief. My stresses are diminished even consumed by the satisfaction that I derive from playing the keyboard. Words indeed cannot express the thrill that music provides throughout the depth of my being.

I have always desired to be a philanthropist and though playing the keyboard is minor on the scale compared to such other acts, I accomplish a little, though a baby step in ministering unto other people. For example; I have seen the spirit of worship at church services resuscitated through the skill of the keyboardist, and it is in such that I delight. To be part of something on the bigger scale, of being able just like a demagogue to motivate people drawing them into that foreign musical dimension and of receiving their responses. I have been a blessing, a flicker of hope to the blind, the bedridden, the paralyzed and the hospitalized. I have seen faces brighten and infernos of hopelessness and stress extinguished. Indeed there is no other greater satisfaction to me than letting the keyboard be an extension of myself, of being an instrument of service that I of my own would be too crippled to render.

Music to me, is the bible to accompany life; the ultimate library of comfort, hope and direction. Playing the keyboard is my absolute and ultimate pastime as it constitutes a means of communication and ministry and highlights my identity, "keyboard man"