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Do the four functions of management add value to organizations? Most managers would answer a resounding "Yes!" The functions include planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The company that I work for use the five-step process dictated by the Project Management Institute and the five steps are Initiation, Planning, Execution, Controlling, and Closeout. I will try to adapt my company?s management process to the class?s four functions of management process.

We use a nine-step approach to project management and all nine are used in the planning stage. First is Scope management, then Time management, Communication management, Human resource management, Quality management, Risk management, Procurement management, and the last is Integration management. This covers both the Planning and Organization functions in the four functions of management. Our Execution phase uses the Communication, Human Resources, Quality, Procurement, and Integration management steps. In which Communication and Human resources are related to this class?s Leading process.

Our controlling phase uses Scope, Time, Quality, Risk, and Integration management. In which I believe all are used in this class?s Controlling phase.

In my opinion planning is by far the most important of the four. Most of the decisions will be made during this phase. Specifying the goals is done during our initiation phase where we create the project charter and statement of work. Deciding in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve those goals is completed during Scope management. During these two steps is when upper management decides whether to proceed with the project or to not accept and send a no bid letter. I have spent many hours on a plane to accomplish a site survey, then type up a report and work with our business development team to decide not to accept the project. There are many reasons the company decides not...