Functions of Management

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Management surrounds people everyday, either by an external boss or an internal you. Although it not necessarily thought about on a daily basis, people do it all day long. Most people are managed at worked and on personal note are managing themselves on a daily basis, whether the decisions are made on personal choices or personal finances. What is management? What are its functions? How does it relate to people at the workplace? Let us journey through APM Terminals management functions.

What is Management, as defined by the University of Princeton, management is direction or those in charge of running a business (Princeton University). Down on the Terminals, there are many different levels of management and educational levels of their employees. There are the top level managers or Executives of the companies West Coast regions. They are followed by the Terminal Manager and the Assistant Terminal Manager, who manage all 480 Acres of the Terminal and the Operation.

Next are the Operations Directors (Vessel, Rail, Yard, Gate) managing the different functions and duties on terminal and their Operations Managers. Ops Managers manage the Assistant Operations Managers, who manage the everyday business of moving containers to the marketplaces all over the world, through the International Labor and Warehouse Unions or the I.L.W.U. The long shore labor also has its own ladder of positions and the managing of people goes all the way to the bottom, were the employees manage their own workings.

The foundations of management are made up of four fundamental functions, Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. The principals have been around for a log time and are just as prevalent today as they were yesterday.

Planning or delivering strategic values is defined as specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate actions...