Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Reviewing relevant information on the telecommunications industry reveals a high level of competition from other telecommunications companies as well as cable companies that are entering the market by providing bundles of services that exceed the basic cable television. Telecommunications companies like Global Communications (Global) that are facing demanding competition have to take a hard look at the business practices they employ and find solutions to enable them to remain competitive and financially sound. This analysis will provide a look at some of the issues and opportunities that the senior executive team encountered at Global and what outcome the senior team came up with and presented to the board for approval. The issues facing the senior executives, the primary stakeholder perspectives, and other stakeholder perspectives are addressed. The gap analysis will show where the company is now and where it hopes to be. Steps to the end-state vision and how the company will achieve the end-state goal are discussed.

Situation AnalysisIssue and Opportunity IdentificationGlobal Communications faces many issues currently: increased competition, the need to reduce cost in an effectual manner, and strained relationships with the employees and the workers union from lack of efficient communication with these parties. Global risks some of their best employees being recruited by other telecommunications companies with more incentives to offer. The result of the increased competition has caused large decreases in the stock prices over the past three years. The competition, lack of various services to customers, high cost of manning a small business call center and having to pay the resulting costs of wages, benefits, building maintenance, and other miscellaneous expenses has caused a decrease in profits for Global. The competition that Global faces is from the cable companies entering the market and offering groups of services that include more than the basic...