Gay Marriage : Measure 36

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I think that Measure 36 is about fear, fear of change and fear of anything that is different. In the beginning it was fear of the Native Americans, they were "savages". It soon evolved into not letting African Americans vote, own land, or even have the right to decide their own fate. As absurd as it sounds to us today, there was a point when women were not equal to anyone. Trough out history there has always been one group or another on the chopping block, and in this coming election it is gays and lesbians.

Time and time again I hear that Measure 36 should be passed for the children. In my voters pamphlet one argument in favor states "A mother and a father are necessary for a child's emotional well being and development." Am I to believe that a child will only be emotionally stable if they have both a father and a mother? Having a mother and a father does not constitute a stable and loving family environment.

I believe that a family is what you make of it. I am a product of a "broken home", my mother and father divorced when I was very young. They were practicing alcoholics who were both verbally and physically abusive to each other. I don't remember much about our family life except for a lot of yelling and furniture flying. I'm not saying that all families are like this, but there are a large number of families that are dysfunctional in one way or another. Is it better to believe that having both a mother and a father somehow makes you a better person? There are always variables in life, nothing is ever constant, why should we be forced to believe that having a father and mother in the...