Gender Roles

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There is an assortment of male and female roles in our society making it difficult to define gender in terms of gender responsibilities. Society views men and women differently having their own understanding or stereotype the role of the man and the role the woman. The issue of gender roles is addressed as early as birth, through childhood, and up until we grow old to essentially believe that there aren't any specific roles. Our society is taught to believe that "All men are treated equal." Whether it is race, religion, or level of education, these differences of characteristics do not compare to gender differentiation. Clearly men and women are treated differently in the home, work area, and through sports. This society teaches that there is a clear distinction between the two roles based on our gender, where there is no little room for anything that may be considered feminine for the male and anything that may be considered masculine for the female.

Many people have grown up to believe that women are the "caretakers" and the men are the workers. There has been a continuous label for women and that is for them to stay home and take care of the children while the man of the house is at work making the money for the family.