How was Germany punished by the Treaty of Versailles?

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How Was Germany Punished At Versailles?Germany was punished severely by the Treaty of Versailles, and in many cases, some of the terms seemed greatly unfair towards Germany. The treaty was put together by Woodrow Wilson – who wasn’t very keen on punishing Germany too harshly, as he believed that Germany would be intent on seeking revenge in the future, Georges Clemenceau – who wanted to punish Germany for France’s losses, and David Lloyd George – Who himself wanted a fair settlement, but also wanted to please the British Public, who were demanding that Germany would be punished for Britain’s losses.

The terms of the treaty were thought unfair by the Germans, but the two representatives didn’t have a choice, as they knew refusing to sign would start the war all over again.

The most unjust term in the treaty was probably the “War Guilt” clause, where Germany was to accept all the blame for starting the war.

The Germans bitterly resented being blamed for the war, as they felt they were getting the blame for losing. The leader of the German representatives had said, “An admission that we alone are guilty is a lie,” as Austria-Hungary was also responsible for the start of the war, as they first declared war on Serbia.

Other terms included limiting German military strength. The German army was cut to 100,000 men. Only voluntary soldiers could join, conscription was banned. The navy was only allowed 6 battleships, and Germany wasn’t allowed to build any submarines, planes, and tanks. They were also banned from keeping any troops in the Rhineland, and it was agreed that Allied troops would be stationed there for 15 years. German soldiers and sailors weren’t very happy about this, they had wanted to rebuild their forces. Yet instead of...