The Gift That Counts

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Do you remember a time when you were younger and did arts in crafts in class? Do you remember when you would make your mom a macaroni necklace or your dad a homemade card for Father?s Day? Or how about making the turkeys out of our hands for thanksgiving, or all the time pout in for our finger paintings? All those things we remember making were somewhat the highlight of our childhood at one point in time. That?s the only thing; they are all remembrances, because now everything we do involves money. Instead of making something from scratch, we go and spend the few extra dollars for a card. It may seem like the easy way out or ?from the heart?, but quite honestly, the only thing that makes it ?from the heart? in my mind, is something homemade.

I remember back when I was younger, running to my room with a piece of paper and a box of crayons to make a card for my mom or dad?s birthday or just a spur of the moment picture to hang on the refrigerator door.

Also grabbing a paintbrush and water-colors and painting something that we liked or something form our dream and show our true artist inside of us. A favorite for most peoples at that young age was sidewalk chalk. Going and drawing pictures on the sidewalk for others to see or playing tic-tac-toe or other various games we all played as kids.

Now that I am older, I simply can not find the time to quick color a card or doodle a picture, or do all those things we all loved to do when we were younger, so I resort to spending money on buying a card or gift. If something is homemade, it means more to the receiver of the gift, because it means that you spent that extra little effort and time making something just for them, kind of in your own thought and feeling, where as a card is mass produced and anyone can have the same wording, so it doesn?t mean as much.

A store bought card may be the easiest for most on the go people. Not everyone has the luxury of being home all the time, or have the supplies readily available to make such projects. Spending the few extra dollars on a card is better than not giving anything at all. Everybody may not like giving things, but everyone likes to receive something every now and than. The meaning may not be the same when giving or receiving something. When I buy a card from the store for any special occasion, I always pick a somewhat simple card and add my own special something at the end so they know that my intentions are there.

I find it easier to show your true feelings by making something by hand because it means all your own words and making rather than from a store. Cards and projects from the store are words form someone else and someone else?s work. I want to show that special someone receiving the gift what they really mean to me. Having store bought gifts trying to portray my feelings and words are really hard to come by these days. The companies out there are trying to cover for everyone so the feelings are very neutral, where as a homemade gift shows what you are really trying to get across to that person.

The best gifts are truly the one?s that cost the least, but while they cost the least, they show more feeling and emotion. Only pure love can show such great creativity and workmanship of someone. Even if that gift is not of the greatest quality or the artwork is not that of a professional, it is the thought that counts the most. Not how much money you spent to make them happy, but how much time you spent on it. Your own words, thoughts, and feelings will put it over any gift paid for. So, spend a few less minutes watching T.V. or doing the needless running around and just create something special, no reason needed, just to show what they mean to you and to just bring back that part of childhood some people miss.