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Canada has become known to the rest of the world as a tourism hot-spot. Tourism spending reached $54.1 billion in 2000, an 8% increase from 1999. However, $37.9 billion were spent by Canadians in foreign Canadian cities; the remaining $16.2 is spent by foreigners. Various reasons account for such figurative spending on tourism. Thus the major reason for tourism in Canada is people holiday/vacation (56%), visiting friends or family (9%), business (5%), and other reasons (3%). Three major destinations can be recognized as the major pull factors for tourism coming to Canada. Toronto, the capital of Ontario is the largest city in Canada and has a massive tourist base. The city of Montreal, also one of the largest cities in Canada, is bi-lingual and has several great travel attractions/destinations. The province of British Columbia is host to such beautiful cities as Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler (The Golden Triangle). These cities among other pull factors account for the provinces large and steady tourist base.

(Statistics provided by Statistics Canada)


The largest city in Canada, Toronto attracts millions each year. The city has a population of 2 385 421 in the city and a census metropolitan area population of 4 263 857. This gigantic city is also known as the world's most ethnically diverse. It has five Chinatowns, a Little Italy, a Greek community, and a Little Portugal. "Toronto was founded in the early 1700's and was incorporated as a town in 1793. Eventually Toronto was declared a city in 1834. (World Book 2001, "T"). The city is home to many professional sports teams such as the; Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL), Raptors (NBA), The Rock (NLL), Argonauts (CFL), and The Toronto Blue Jays (MLB). The city also holds an international airport, that being the largest in Canada.

General Tourism Statistics

Toronto is recognized as the predominant gateway into Canada, therefore the city is an extreme player involved with tourism in Canada. Throughout each year and an average of twenty-one million visit the city annually. After visiting this glamorous city the average visitor will return up to 17 times. Toronto generates five to six million dollars in revenues per year due to tourist. (Statistics provided by )

Tourist Hot-Spots and Destinations/Attractions

Whether you would want to shop at a mall, ride a roller coaster or learn about the history of the city, Toronto has it all. Toronto has more than 20 000 stores catering to all fashions and tastes. Its premier shopping destination is the Eaton Centre. "This multi-levelled glass roofed galleria has more than 320 shops and restaurants, 17 cinemas, and a 400 room Marriott hotel. The massive mall, constructed in 1979 boasts $746 of sales per square foot of retail space." (, Shopping and Services Profile). That number is the highest of its kind in North America. The number one tourist attraction in Toronto has an estimated one million visitors per week. Modelled after the Galleria in Milan, Italy, the Eaton Centre was among the first major downtown shopping centres constructed in North America.

For fun, excitement and exhilaration Paramount Canada's Wonderland is the place. Located in the surrounding Metropolitan area (Vaughan), the short drive is worth it. Being Canada's premier theme park it features over 200 attractions, more than 65 heart throbbing rides, and a 20-acre water park. If you wish to allow your heart rate to decrease, there are live shows on at an outdoor theatre daily. A designated area for kids is also available for those with toddlers. (Numbers for theme park provided by

For the inquiring mind in all of us Fort York of 100 Garrison Road (downtown) provides the lush history regarding the War of 1812. This site was reconstructed after the battle, and holds the largest collection of original war buildings. The Fort is a designated National Historic Site, which is open year round. Admission ranges from 3 to 5 dollars.

British Columbia

British Columbia has an estimated population of 4 141 300 (Statistics Canada), this ranks third among the Provinces in Canada as of the year 2002. The Province has a large minority population as well. The "Golden Triangle" is well known throughout the province as the main pull factor for anyone coming to the province for tourist reasons. The triangle consists of the cities Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler. "B.C was founded in 1774 by Spanish colonialist captain James Cook." ( Today the province is home to various sports teams; Vancouver Canucks (NHL), B.C. Lions (CFL), and former home of the Vancouver Grizzlies (NBA). This mountainous area has many attractions, mainly in Vancouver however.

General Tourist Statistics

"Tourism is a crucial component to the markets of British Columbia. In the year 200, tourism injected $9.5 billion into the provincial economy and generated 11 890 direct jobs." ( ). Non-resident visitors to the province account for approximately 52 percent of overnight visitors, residents to the province make up the rest. In 2000 an estimated 22.5 million visitors came to B.C. The U.S. is and always has been the non-resident dominant market in the British Columbia tourism sector.

Tourist Hot-Spots and Destinations/Attractions

The city of Vancouver offers much to the tourists' eye. An eye-pleaser and one of the most recognizable buildings in the city is that of Canada Place. The distinctive sails of the roof are a Vancouver landmark. "This is home of the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre, the Cruise Ship Terminal, the CN IMAX Theatre, shops, restaurants and a first class hotel." ( Canada Place's Ship Terminal is home to over 250 vessels carrying in excess of 550 000 passengers. The Convention and Exhibition Centre has over 172 00 sq. feet and can accommodate groups from 10 to 10 000.

Located on the edge of Vancouver Island, the city of Victoria is host to many great attractions for any tourist. Boat tours are favourites among anyone visiting this glamorous city. Boating and sailing are a natural way to visit Vancouver Island. Whether you captain your own boat or take a guided cruise, Victoria and Vancouver Island have numerous boat charter companies to meet your needs and interests; spend a lazy afternoon aboard a luxury craft; tour historic harbours and explore uninhabited islands; view marine life or go fishing; rival other sailors in a race against wind and time; experience the romance of a dinner cruise or simply sail into the sunset. "Such cruises are provided by Caddy Marine Tours, Tamus Marine, Victoria Harbour Ferry Co... etc." ( ).

The town of Whistler is a major skiing destination for the province of British Columbia. Numerous resorts and lodges are available for anyone willing to enjoy themselves. "Whistler has the largest riding area on the continent, with 7,071 acres of ski-able terrain, more than 200 marked trails, and 12 massive bowls including three glaciers. Also the majestic place is home to the two greatest vertical rise ski mountains in North America, with Blackcomb rising one vertical mile (5,020 feet) to an elevation of 7,160 feet." ( The winter season in this area runs from November to June with riding continuing until August. (Statistics provided by


The second largest city in Canada has a population of 1 016 376 (3 326 510 including surrounding area), 65% of those persons being francophone. Montreal has one of the most important docks on the St.Lawrence seaway, as European carriers will only dock at Montreal. The Bilingual city also inhibits an international airport to allow travelers from around the world to be taken directly to the city. The city has a majestic casino located atop of water, with beautifully architectural design. Montreal is home to such professional sports teams as; The Montreal Canadians (NHL), The Montreal Alouettes (CFL), and The Montreal Expos (MLB).

General Tourist Statistics

Montreal is home to a variety of tantalizing destinations and attractions. The total amount of visitors in the year 2001 is estimated at 9 700 000. "Tourist generated an estimated $5.6 billion in gross total spending, 89,916 direct and indirect jobs, calculated in person-years, and $1.181 billion in government revenue." ( Accommodations are not a problem wherever you are in the city. There are 24 089 rooms available in the Metropolitan area, 19 696 in the City of Montreal, and 14 620 available in the downtown sector of the city. (Statistics provided by Statistics Canada)

Tourist Hot-Spots and Destinations/Attractions

An amusement park that is sure to be enjoyable to a person of any age is La Ronde. The park is located on a grouping of islands on the St.Lawrence River. La Ronde holds many festivals and cultural events and has a large amusement park with some thrilling rides. In total there are 10 "thrill" rides, 9 "intermediate" rides, and 11 "family-kids" rides. Live shows are also put on daily at various stage locations throughout the park. There are also several museums, and restaurants on the islands. (Numbers provided by http//

La Biosphere in Montreal is that for the person who is eager to learn about the world's greatest resource. This being the only museum in North America dedicated to water, it has four exhibition halls. The Biosphere also has interactive learning centers distributed through the museum for easier learning to be accomplished by children. Multimedia presentations are put on daily in the "sphere" for an entertaining environment and great place to learn.

Olympic Stadium is where the Montreal Expos, professional baseball team, plays and was host to the 1976 Olympics. "The stadium is considered an architectural monstrosity." ( When visiting the tower you are able to ride a cable car to the top of the world's tallest inclined tower. Treat yourself to a stunning view of Montreal, a breathtaking panorama that stretches miles around. There's the St. Lawrence River on one side, the downtown skyscrapers clustered between the islands and the mountain while on the other side, the Laurentians can be seen against the daytime sky. Whether you are taking in a baseball/football game or just taking in the sight of Montreal the stadium is a main and must stop attraction in Montreal. Tours are also available for those more interested in the buildings history and architect. Individual and group rates are charged to those purchasing such a tour.


As seen throughout the various and numerous statistics provided, Canada is one of the worlds most beautiful and attractive countries for anyone to visit. Toronto, Montreal, and the Province of British Columbia all put forth a tremendous variety of attractions and travel destinations. Along with the rich history of each of the aforementioned locations in Canada, it is obvious that education and fun can be combined adequately for each tourist to have a distinctively good time according to their preference. Though most tourist making their trips to Canada are from the United States (approx. 15 million in 2000), the rich culture and creative fun is also enjoyed by people worldwide (approx. 4.1 million in 2000). (Numbers provided by Canadian Tourism Commission)