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Gladiators are people who fought to the death, to entertain roman's they called it the blood sport. A gladiator battle would be for funerals as a sacrifice, but then they fought for the fun. Rome was called the mob because of the blood sport.

The first gladiator game was in 256 B.C., for Junius Brutus Pera in their families honor after he had died. Gladiator games were one of the most popular days of the year for romans.

Gladiators worked hard to become gladiators they had to go to school and toughen up, they had to battle people, with wooden swords, and you had to cut and rip open bags with your wooden swords. All the things the did prepared them for a real gladiator battle. If you were a really small guy and not to strong, when you left you would be a big, scary, strong guy, so you could actually have a chance at winning a battle.

There would be multiple gladiator battles going on at once, sometimes even animals were released and they could kill you. They came out of doors in the ground and a chain held them and men would hold them back a little from the fighters.

Gladiators were mainly men, who were slaves, prisoners of war, or criminals that can win their freedom back bye making enough money to become free. There life to be spared all depended on how you fought, if you fought bad the crowd would put there thumb down to kill you, if you did good they would put it up. But the final decision relied on the emperor, if he said kill him, the defeated opponent grasps the thigh of his winning opponent. Who would slay the loser by stabbing the sword into his neck. The dead body...