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Benchmarking: Global CommunicationsGlobal Communications (GC) is a telecommunications company with a decreasing market share and stock value. Too much competition in the industry is a problem. Competitors have infiltrated the market, offering progressive technology at affordable prices. In an attempt to mitigate these issues, Global Communications has decided to implement a bilateral strategy that requires downsizing the company's current union-staffed domestic call centers by outsourcing labor to foreign countries and realizes growth through the introduction of new services. An analysis of various companies, using academic concepts, in a comparative synopsis will show similar problems and the solutions to those problems to assist in solving Global Communications' dilemma.

Key Course ConceptsSeveral key concepts, all part of problem-based learning, were reviewed and explored over the past five weeks. Applying these concepts aided in the decision-making process for Global Communications. The concepts include generic benchmarking, organizational communication, and the impact of risks and ethics.

Using generic benchmarking, a company can look beyond a single company or industry for best practices performed on a broader scale. In some cases, every day activities can lead to major discoveries. It is often times simpler to obtain information from non-competitors. Non-competitors are more willing to share information when they know it will not threaten the business (University of Phoenix, 2007).

Organizational communication is important. Effective communication is vital to all organizations because it coordinates employees, fulfills employee needs, supports knowledge management, and improves decision-making (McShane & VonGlinow, 2005). Various barriers can restrict effective communication such as process, personal, physical, and semantic. Gender and cultural differences can also be barriers to effective communication and are relevant in the Global Communications scenario. Using the appropriate communication channels and awareness of the impact of hierarchy and the grapevine are important considerations (University of Phoenix, 2007).

The concept of risk and...