Global Warming Reactions

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After watching An Inconvenient Truth my opinion on global warming did not change. To me the issue of global warming is very biased. I myself am not a registered voter, and do not feel I should chose a side of the political spectrum yet. I try to look at view points from varies angles when analyzing a political topic. I agree and disagree with opinions of major republicans and democrats. I feel that this film is, in way, just more bickering between political parties. I felt that the political jokes and remarks were very unneeded in this film.

To me, the political comments took away the degree of impact of the actual topic. The facts and statistics in this documentary were very alarming and unsettling. The "then and now" pictures of various places in the world were very effective as well. I think that Al Gore got the main point across well.

The main point being that we as humans are the cause of global warming and have the power to reverse it if we act quickly. I think that he was so set on getting this point across that the film lacked information from the other side of opinion. It is understandable, because he obviously want to have the strongest impact on viewers possible, but I would have found it interesting for him to include information that went against his personal opinion. That type of information is out there, and it would have been nice to see him explain that research as well. Even after viewing the film my opinion remains the same. I do not have a strong belief that global warming in terms of human influence is happening, and I do not have a strong belief that is not happening. I have settled in between because of...