Greeks Democracy and American Democracy

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Democracy is defined as a type of government that makes political verdicts directly exercised by the whole body of society, under actions of majority rule. The form of democracy identified is considered to be direct democracy, nevertheless the form of government that a nation implement will be the equal right not in person except through designated representatives is known as a representative democracy. The United States of America has a representative democracy in which people appoint representatives by a voting election. The originators of democracy in Athens implemented decisions through a direct democracy in which every male citizen was allowed to include direct influence of a decision. The United States today accepts democracy like a form of life. The type of government identified as democracy had its beginning stages of creation in Ancient Greece, however its influence has a correlation to the type of government the United States has today.

Ancient Greek city-states didn?t always live a way of life with the support of democracy. Civilizations of Greece change through many different stages of government. The government was known as an oligarchy during the seventh and eighth centuries. The oligarchy government rule of the city or state was ran by a special few, generally consisting of people in upper class. These representatives made decisions based upon self ideals not including the consideration of the citizens. Instead of decision making being carried out as majority rule, decisions were made by few. In view of the fact that oligarchy was for the most part ran by the upper class, the wellbeing of the lower class was often overlooked. Tension began to rise involving the upper class and the majority of the public. The dissatisfaction of the lower class made way for the form of government called a tyranny. Known as one man...