When I was grounded

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“Jenny!” My mom screamed as she put her earrings in and applied the last of her make up. “Sweetie, hurry, I’m about to leave. We need to go over the rules one more time.”This was typical mom behavior. Being so paranoid, going over the rules twenty times. “Mom, can’t I just stay at Austin’s or Lindsay’s for just a little while? Till midnight?”“Jenny you’re grounded, you know the rules. You had a D in English. Get that grade up then worry about your friends.” I couldn’t believe it, it was Halloween night and I was stuck at home while my mom when to a Halloween party.

“Bryan just called and said the surprise he bought for you is waiting. Prove to us tonight that you deserve it, okay?” My mom left and went to her party and there I was, at home on the biggest party night. I sat on the couch and flipped thought the channels.

When a Stranger calls was on Showtime. I started to watch it and while the babysitter in the movie was being chased around the house the phone rang.

I slowly slumped into the kitchen to get the phone. “Hello?” all I could hear was a static connection. I hung up. Then my cell phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket. Restricted caller… “Hello?” static again, I hung up. Probably James trying to scare me. I sat back on the couch and started watching the movie again when my phone rang again. The caller ID said “James Cell” “Jenny! Is your mom gone yet? I want to come over.” “Umm, Yeah but give me a minute. Are you leaving your house now?” “Yeah, I’ll be there in like twenty minutes.” “okay, se you then.” I had so much to do, I hadn’t even took a shower. I ran upstairs to my room and grabbed some jeans and a t-shirt. Then I ran to my moms bathroom. As I dropped my clothes on the floor I remembered that my mom had just got a new belt that I’d been wanting to wear. I walked towards her closet to get it. I opened the door and heard something fall in the back left corner of the closet. I turned the light on. But I saw nothing. I grabbed her belt and went to get in the shower.

Just as I was stepping out my cell rang. “James Cell” I said aloud. “Hey girl”, she said. I’m here can I you come open the door.” “James, I’m upstairs just come in, I’ll be down in a minute.”I hurried to do my hair and put on some lip gloss. Then I heard a bang again. I yelled for James to come up there. He ran up the stairs. “Yeah?”, He said. I replied, “I heard something in the closet.”He walked in the back of the closet we both saw a box moving around. James opened it and inside was a small cage. He was startled and stepped back. I talked him into picking it up.

Inside was a small puppy. I called my mom and she told me it was my surprise, she was going to give me when she got back. She also told me Bryan had called my cell phone private to see if I was with anyone else or if I’d have them answer my phone. I was freaking out for nothing. I told James to go home so that I didn’t get caught with him there.

When my mom came home she let me play with my new puppy and said that I could have James come over it he was still up and stay the night. We watched Knocked Up and played with the pup till 4am.