Gun Control and the Right to Own a Handgun

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For many years now gun rights have been a popular subject amoung both the younger and older generations. many people argue that the right to hold guns should be effective, and other people argue that stricter handgun control laws are nescessary to sace lives. The truth is that guans are an effective tool, and not to mention a constitutional right. Americans have a right to own handguns and stricter laws and licensing will not effectively save lives.

Us Americans have a constitutional right to own, and keep in our possession, a handgun. Handguns are an effective tool and the right should always stay in effect. Handguns effectively save many people's lives from criminals. the age limit for owning a handgun should be 32 years because many people uneder that age are too reckless. The ideal thing would be for a parent to hold a handgun and protect the family.

Stricter laws and licensing will not effectively save lives. lives are saved everyday by handguns. it would not matter what restrictions are placed on the right to own a handgun because many people can get around tehse restrictions. Many crimes that occur today are associated with illegally owned handguns or shotguns. Stricter gun control laws would infringe upon people's rights to own handguns. guns should only be distributed if a background check is done so it would be harder for a criminal to acquire a handgun.

The right to own a handgun is a constitutional right. it should not be infringed upon by new laws restricting people's right to own a handgun . stricter gun control laws will not make America a safer place, but neither will giving a handgun to anyone without doing a background check. Guns are an effective tool, and the right to own one should...