The Health Damages of Cigarette Smoking

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Informing About the Health Risks Involved with Cigarette Smoking My visual aid is a comparison model example of what a human lung of a person that smokes looks like and what a human lung of a person that does not smoke looks like.

Outline ATTENTION-GETTING OPENER Lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease, asthma attacks, cataracts, bronchitis, and death, these are all the common effects due to cigarette smoking.

PREVIEW Today I will be informing you of the damage that is caused to the human body due to cigarette smoking, why smoking is addictive, and the laws about cigarette smoking.

Health risks of cigarette smoking Why smoking is addictive Laws about cigarette smoking TRANSITION: Many people know that smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer, emphysema, and can eventually lead to death, but how many of you know that 440,000 people die in the United States each year from tobacco use.

BODY Health risks of cigarette smoking A.

Lung cancer B. Emphysema C. Heart disease D. Death TRANSITION: Those are just a few of the health risks that are caused by cigarette smoking. Now, I will move on and explain to you why smoking is so addictive.

Why smoking is addictive E. Nicotine TRANSITION: Now, that you understand a few of the harms of smoking and why smoking is so addictive, I will now discuss what is going on with the smoking laws in the United States.

Laws about cigarette smoking F. No-smoking laws are being put into action by the federal, state, and local legislation.

G. Where smoking has already been banned H. Where no-smoking laws might get passed TRANSITION: Since I have explained to you a brief synopsis of cigarette smoking and the health damages it causes, I hope that you are all a little more informed of what it can...