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I.         Assessment At Star Harbor Senior Community Center, the population ranges from 55 years old to 100 years old. This aggregate is compiled of African-Americans, Barbarians, Jamaicans, Liberians, Whites, Russians, and Polacks. The purpose of this presentation is to target those, taking one or more prescribed and/or over the counter medications, who could be at risk for polypharmacy. Most of this population, is taking these meds without any knowledge or consistency in taking them. Most of these older adults lack a healthy lifestyle. They have little knowledge about the medicines prescribed to them, what they are used for, and the adverse affects that can occur if combined with other meds. The positive to this presentation is that many of these seniors are very concerned with their health and want to learn. In addition, this group has become better in health and fitness, by participating in walking, chair exercises, and even tai-chi.

This is helpful to devise a teaching plan that can focus around this aggregates strengths and weaknesses. This group?s strengths is being more open to asking questions and learning, as well as trying to be more consistent with their lifestyles. However, their learning is a hindered because they are not used to speaking up if they don?t understand. Implementing a plan to allow them to learn effectively and encouraging them to speak up seems ideal.


TOPIC         OUTLINE         METHOD         EVALUATION 1.         Scope the problem: Increase the awareness of the use of multiple medications and adverse affects         -polypharmacy means ?many drugs? -87% of elders take at least one prescription medication and three OTC drugs -when many prescribed, over the counter, and herbal remedies are combined it can decrease the effectiveness of the drug?and even cause dangerous reactions -many signs and symptoms are often overlooked         -lecture/discussion -poster         -drug sheet handouts -case studies 2.         Risk factors         Elder adults over the...